How One Model Couple Became More Efficient In The Design Area

How they met is quite another story. They met during the lockdowns. On the internet. It’s now also part of the new normal. Internet dating. And they fell in love that way. But when they finally got it together in real time, it was gorgeous. They set up shop right away. And they’re a work from home couple too. He’s a writer and, let’s just say; she’s a multi-tasker. She’s got design solutions aplenty up her blouse sleeve.

She started out as a make-up artist, working her way through the ranks before landing regular assignments which saw her away from home for up to four months at a time. But get this; she was posted to idyllic locations across Southeast Asia, going to some of the most popular tourist destinations in that region. A dream job, you could just say. But her dream goes further. She wants to visit other countries too.

And that was his dream as well. He never had such opportunities before. But what was he to do other than to write while everyone was kept behind closed doors during the lockdown. It was, of course, his dream job to be a writer. But working in this trade is not as glamorous as it is made out to be. But the irony of the lockdowns was that while there were a few stutters in the beginning, things took off like a rocket to Mars.

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Men are from Mars, after all. And women are from Venus. But it looks like this couple is going to Saturn and beyond. She’s got a dream to share with you all tonight. She always wanted to make her own home. And now she’s found the perfect partner to do it with.