Fun Backyard Activities for the Family

Nothing brings family together quicker than a little backyard fun. Thankfully, the plethora of activities available for families to enjoy ensures that fun never ends. No matter the age of the people in your household, the following backyard activities are a few fun ways to make special memories with the people you love the most.

Slip N Slide

A water slide is an activity that kids and teens love. Parents may not be so inclined to run and fall down the slide, but for those who are, there is no better fun in this world. You get wet and have tons of fun!


When the summer heat is on, you can turn it up in the backyard with a BBQ. Hot dogs, chicken, pork chops, hamburgers, and ribs are some of the best meats to toss on the grill and enjoy with your loved ones.

Real Life Jenga

With a bit of creativity and a few painted wood blocks, a real life game of Jenga becomes an activity that everyone loves. Spend a bit of time gathering various sized wood pieces and painting them in various colors. Then, get your game on!

DJ Booth

Set up a DJ booth complete with lights and music. Next, choose a few lawn activities that you enjoy, pour cold drinks, and let the fun games begin. Horseshoes is an activity that could very well provide you with fun.

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Go Camping

Get out the sleeping bags and tents and set up a backyard campground. Don’t forget the S’mores and ghost stories. Pick a day when the heat is not overwhelming so everyone fully enjoys their time outside.

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